This is a breathtaking video of the Australian night sky, via Wired Science. Also, check out the site Terrastro, where the video was posted before Wired saw it. Some amazing photos of space are available there.

I always marvel that we live on this sphere in space. I try to remind myself of it often because it gives me a lot of valuable perspective. With that thought, good night, beautiful universe. :-)

Seeing the moon and stars tonight inspired me to stop my car and meditate. It was nice and cool out after a hot day, and the scenery reminded me that:

  1. We are floating in the middle of a vast universe
  2. We are lucky to have gravity
  3. We have the gift of beautiful sights and sounds, such as flowers and the songs of birds
  4. There is food for us here
  5. There is love here
  6. There is music here
  7. We get to admire the heavens from our cozy planet

The night sky radiates such a different energy. It’s more mysterious and magical, almost in a fairytale-like way, whereas the daytime sky seems more apt to emit raw positivity and life energy.