Every morning is so beautiful to me, and today was no different. I posted on my Facebook that everything was so beautiful to the point where I wanted to hug and kiss everyone, and I meant it.

I feel such positive energy flooding through me as I start each day. In fact, I now keep tissues in my glove compartment, for instance, because it’s not rare for me to cry tears of joy while I am driving and absorbing nature and everyday life as it unfolds around me.

This morning I saw an older woman walking with a bright blue umbrella to protect herself from the sun. I wanted to get out of my car, run over to her and hug her because I felt a strong presence of her life and love energy, which every organism on the planet possesses.

I often have a strong urge to dance in the middle of a field as I listen to uplifting music, too. It’s no joke or exaggeration. This is how much joy I experience on a regular basis.

I consider myself enlightened and uplifted and am very thankful for it and want to share it. This is one of my main drivers for helping the homeless, too. Specifically, homeless people who have lost hope.

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